When we first met around 2006, Collin worked from his gallery in the city centre of Maastricht. He inspired us with his open view on all that surrounds us. Take it as it comes. Believe in achievements and don’t give up on them. Actually very applicable to this project.

Since then Collin is traveling the world to share his art and paint murals. Leaving a beautiful part of himself behind, always returning to his homebase Maastricht.

In 2015, we connected with Sphinxkwartier to come up with a plan for an empty facade. Located in a former industrial area, next to the new pop podium Muziekgieterij. This exact place used to be one of the gates to Maastricht. While her neighbors went down, she stood ground. Waiting to become someone special in this great area. We invited Collin to come up with a plan..

For this project, Collin painted a Song Trush. She’s standing on shards of historic Sphinx pottery, being produced in this specific area. Take a good look and you can spot the Podarcis Muralis, a rare lizard species living in the historic fortifications called Hoge & Lage Fronten. The flora from the Frontenpark connects all these elements to an amazing mural. And most of all, creates a visual bridge between the city and nature.

This time, whenever he travels the world, he is still home.
Thank you!

- Located at Fransensingel 65, Maastricht (NL).
- Project coördination by Maastricht Streetart.
- Commissioned by Sphinxkwartier.
- Photography by Patrick Dreuning.

Special word of thanks to Erwin Gerardu for helping us make this possible.